The JCI Boundless 2021 Congress is going ahead!

After weeks of doubts, video meetings, writing scenarios and phone calls, the decision has been made: JCI National Congress on Saturday 23 October will be a 'live' event, just like all the years before corona! No ticket yet? Register quickly, there are 500 tickets available!

A flashback to a few months back. Since the infamous opening weekend in July, when Dutch youngsters went into nightclubs en masse and life felt almost like before, there was euphoria among the people of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen who organize the JCI Grenzeloos congress. We could go full throttle, the event could go ahead in the form as proposed. However, we know by now that the measures in the Netherlands have been tightened up quickly, multi-day events are no longer allowed and sitting is the standard for indoor venues. The euphoric mood changed to realism. 'Will we be able to meet in large numbers in October?'

After a number of meetings between JCI Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen and the national boards of the Netherlands and Belgium, the choice was made to take the theme Boundless literally! We start in the Netherlands and end in Belgium.