BO2 Vitality


Junior Chamber Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021, a milestone we are proud of. In the past decades the ‘learning by doing’ credo has been reinvented several times within our chapter.

The annual networking event BO², which stands for Business Opportunities “Squared”, is the biggest one-day networking event in Zeeland, we welcome 500-600 visitors every year. This year we will host the 29th edition. Networking, sharing expertise and gaining new insights are combined with Zeeuws-Vlaamse hospitality, gastronomy and a great atmosphere. Altogether, this makes the Bo², the perfect business night out!! This years’ theme of the BO² is Vitality

Within JCI The Netherlands, our chapter is known for its decisiveness and entrepreneurial spirit within the region. Several national chairmen and JCI members have visited this event in the past and were very impressed:

“Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is an unknown region for most of the Dutch; and unknown usually makes unloved.
JCI Zeeuws Vlaanderen is incredibly busy making the unknown known. With good food and drinks, they provide a cheerful and connecting presence at many events.
With their business event, all of this is “squared”. Entrepreneurial Zeeuws-Vlaanderen comes together to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in the region, with inspiring insights about local and border crossing companies combined with the best the region has to offer in the culinary field and believe me, that is an awful lot.”
National President JCI The Netherlands 2019/2020

“Bring a huge group of entrepreneurs, leaders and young potentials together at an inspiring location, share examples of how to run a successful business, move against the flow, or learn from the past and close off with an enormously comprehensive and exuberant network ”drinks”… in Zeeuws Flanders they call it a BO² … all these years I think it’s an annual highlight organized by a chapter full of passion”
Robbert van Waart
National President JCI The Netherlands 2011

BO² Vitality, theme for 2021

Personal vitality might even be more relevant than ever during this pandemic. A good resistance and a healthy mind can help fighting against setbacks, just like a vital business. A vital company can deal with setbacks, working under pressure and takes care of the wellbeing of its employees. This year you will be inspired by a professional athlete who links his success story to being successful in the entrepreneurship. There will also be a lady who will tell us exactly how the brain works and how it gets fooled by ourselves every now and then. Become wiser while being in a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy a walking dinner and unlimited drinks during the event. Last but not least, we will finish with a big party with a music and entertainment. Let’s get this party started!


The facts

A regular BO² usually hosts between 500 and 600 guests generally from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Location and theme of the event change every year. 

Around 130 different companies are represented annually, they all have access to the event via sponsorship. We offer JCI-members 100 free tickets, with full access to the event on Friday the 22nd of October from 5pm. To make sure you understand the value of this offer; sponsors pay €395,- excl VAT for a 2 ticket package. De value of an admission ticket is therefore around €200,- excl VAT!

This year it’s the first and only possibility to visit the BO2 through the NC. De first 100 JCI-members that book the Passe-Partout, have the possibility to attend the full networking event of JCI Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen on Friday evening, make sure you book your passe-partout in time!! Register here!

Program BO² Vitality
Friday October 22, 2021

16.00-17.00h workshop (optional)
17.00-18.00h welcome visitors
18.00-23.30h plenary meeting, diner and party
We have 100 tickets available for congress visitors.
We have 100 appetizer tickets available against an additional fee for participation after dinner from 21.00h
The full program shall be communicated in time. Check for more information about the event (only in Dutch).
If there will be alterations in the program due to Covid-19 or other circumstances, you will be informed well in advance.


Organising comittee
Our whole chapter is fully commeted to organise our yearly B2B event, but every year a special comittee is in charge and puts in amazing amounts of time and energy to host a great event. This years vital comittee is  Jantien van Hoeve, Pieter-Jan Standaert, Boy Stockman, Kenny de Rooij,  Remy Ghijsels, Alex van ‘t Westeinde en Bauke Boon (chariman).


History of the event
Junior Kamer Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is already organising their annual B2B event for nearly 30 years! It is one of the biggest and most controversial events in Zeeland. The BO² and ts precursors draw attention from the (local) media and the event is grown to host up to 600 visitors.

An overview;

BO² 2012 - present
BO², innovative, controversial and creative. A B2B-event where entrepreneurs are inspired, woken up and shown unusual possibilities.

JK BOOST 2006 - 2011
Three start-ups or existing Zeeuws-Flemish entrepreneurs with innovative businesses competed for the investment boost of € 50,000 and eternal fame.

B.O.S - BUSINESS ON STAGE 1999 - 2005
During the largest business-to-business event in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the public voted which employer is highly successful within an annually changing theme.

Election of the best entrepreneur. Due to the variety of entrepreneurs, companies, branches, etc., the best entrepreneurship was tested annually within a specific theme.